Friday, April 22, 2016

Melbourne, in a nutshell.


I did promise something about sharing my experiences while I'm in Melbourne don't I?
And I did write that I wanna share a lot and a lot. However... yeah, that's it. However.

Anyway... In a nutshell...It's an amazing country, and the people... they're friendly. I love the fact that they treat people differently. I mean... just when the last time you received a warm welcome from someone? Anyway, I visited a few places. And they are super beautiful. It's so artsy. Is that even a word? Never mind.

I was there in summer time. But their highest temperature is 23 degree for God's sake! And it was almost 13 degree all the time actually! I had to wear my trench coat like all the time except when I was visiting Melbourne Aviation Precinct. It was a great long walk from the bus stop to the building. But hey, that's what we call travelling, ain't it?

That's me by the way. This was the most exciting experience for me as an aeronautical engineering student. And their treatment? Thumbs up!

Huge planes, huge everything. 

Melbourne Museum. I got free admission because I'm a student. 

this is the view from Eureka Skydeck

The infamous Yarra River.

Shrine of Remembrance. Shouldn't put the pic though. Blergh...

The main transportation in Melbourne is their tram. 

Eureka Skydeck floor view. 

This is a view from Melbourne Star Wheel. Melbourne city at night.

Sea Life Aquarium. And you can see a lot of type of penguins. 

This is Melbourne Zoo. How cute that elephant can be really. By the way, Malay language is written on their signboards. Proud Malaysian. 

So... this is in Melbourne in a nutshell. So, if you plan to go there even during summer, bring lots of clothes and sweaters and trench coats... 

That's all for now, 
Juann Fitri.

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